Monitor reader sent us a video to check out Social Media App

A Monitor reader sent us a video to check out which you may have already received via a messaging app or seen on a social network It shows a man talking about having spent several times in prison and during these periods received around R 172000 in Reclusion Aid

In the video the man claims he worked a year and three months before being arrested in 1997 only to be released five years later and then arrested in the same year for trafficking After another four years in jail he was released in 2006 to be arrested the following year for carrying a weapon.

In 2008 he would be released and arrested again still in 2008 for kidnapping To then be released in 2018 He also concludes by saying due to having worked and having a 10yearold daughter I received 172 thousand and 900 reais from Reclusion Aid

Before dealing with the specific case mentioned in the video lets first understand what Reclusion Aid is It is a social benefit paid by the INSS National Social Security Institute for dependents of lowincome urban workers who are imprisoned in a closed or semiopen regime until.

The benefit is not for the prisoner but for their dependents parents spouse children or siblings Only they can receive the values

The prisoner must have been an urban worker contributed to the INSS for at least 24 months for prisons from 06182019

The prisoner must be of low income the average of his last 12 salaries or if he was unemployed for less than a year the last salary received must not be greater than R 150325 this value varies annually

The prisoner cannot receive any other benefits from the INSS such as Sickness Allowance or similar

And there is an important detail the benefit is not automatic Relatives of the prisoner who meet these requirements must file an application for the benefit and prove that the prisoner meets the requirements

A very small portion of Brazilian prisoners get access to Reclusion Aid In September 2019 only 44 of dependents of all prisoners in the country received the benefit just over 37 thousand beneficiaries and the average amount per beneficiary in that month.

About the case mentioned in the video the man claims that he worked before the first arrest and had a 10yearold daughter Two conditions that fulfill requirements for the benefit He doesnt give information about his income at the time of his arrest So it is not possible to know if he fulfilled the lowincome requirement It is also not possible to know from the report whether the prisoner was in a closed regime during the entire period he describes in the video

The benefit amount is fixed It is always equivalent to a minimum wage Now in 2021 this is equivalent to R110000 To calculate the correct amount that the daughter of the inmate in the video would have received during the entire period described 1997 to 2018 it would be necessary to know the value of the minimum wage for all these years add it up and correct it for inflation in the period

Anyway the monthly amount received would never be higher than the minimum wage as determined by the law that regulates the benefit Therefore the citation of the total amount that would have been received seems to be one more artifice to criticize the Seclusion Allowance citing a high number

Even if the receipt of the aforementioned R 17290000 is true it is necessary to remember that the prisoner speaks of a period of 21 years Considering its 252 months this would mean that his supposed daughter who would not be responsible for her fathers crimes would have received about R686 a month

The video lacking information on the case cited to make checks difficult and with data presented in a way that distorts the understanding use the total amount instead of the monthly income seems more like material made to criticize the Reclusion Allowance social benefit that is the constant target of false information.

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