MDB is organizing to launch new precandidacy selection

The MDB is organizing to launch until the end of next week the pre-candidacy of senator Simone Tebet MDBMS for the Presidency of the Republic The launch event will be in Brasília at the meeting of the National Executive It is not yet known if the meeting will be 100 in person or if it will have a remote part due to the pandemic.

The party is racing against the clock to officially announce the name which has been in the making for months internally but ended up leaking this week pressured say political analysts by Sergio Moros two major events in Brasília which attracted the attention of the market and the part of the electorate sympathetic to a third way.

The legends priority now is to advance in conversations with economists to have a name that represents the MDBs project for the area with a focus on women Tebet who will possibly be the only woman to run for president in 2022 has been fighting to increase the participation of women in politics.

She achieved a decision making position in the Senate by creating the Women Leadership and in agreement with the president of Covids CPI Omar Aziz PSDAM won the release for the presence of women in the commission Simone Tebets participation elevated her to the status of national celebrity something that in years of politics even though she was twice a candidate for the presidency of the Senate she had not achieved

Some names appear on the betting exchange for the formulation of economic policy The MDB would have sounded out economist Zeina Latif When he was campaigning for the presidency of the Senate Tebet met with several economists in a meeting mediated by the former director of BNDES National Bank for Economic and Social Development Elena Landau.

During the campaign for the Senate presidency Tebet also approached the Mulheres do Brasil group coordinated by Luiza Trajano owner of Magazine Luiza The businesswoman is quoted for a candidacy but she has already declared several times that she does not intend to enter electoral politics.

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