Bolsonaro Shows Luxury Hotel in Bahrain City

President Jair published a video on social media in which he shows the room he is staying in in a luxury hotel in Bahrain The president who participates in a series of agendas in the Middle East evaluated the trip as a success with a lot of investments and emphasised that the accommodation is not paid for with Brazilian public money

Bolsonaro is in the country capital Manama this Tuesday 16 The hotels daily rate according to him costs R 46 thousand reais We know how Brazil lives I could pay for this hotel without any problem you would be the taxpayer But just as happened just now because we are coming from the United Arab Emirates this expense will be covered by the king of Bahrain he stated.

In the video the president takes a tour of the luxurious room of the property in Manama showing for example the black marble bathroom with two spaces showers and a bathtub Tomorrow I will be in Qatar accommodation will also be free I would never stay in a place like this paid with Brazilian money he said.

The president inaugurated the Brazilian Embassy in Bahrain this Tuesday 16 The nation is the fourth largest in the Middle East to carry out commercial transactions with Brazil and Bolsonaro stated that todays ceremony symbolizes cooperation between peoples.

It is a great satisfaction to participate in this event that materializes understanding and cooperation between our peoples Congratulations also for the reopening of the Embassy of Bahrain in Brazil in 2018 When I took over the only country in the Gulf Council that did not have an embassy was Bahrain Due to the importance and respect we have for Bahrain I determined the study to open our embassy here a fact that is taking place today he declared

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