Government Reach An Agreement For A Rise In Fuels They Will Freeze Prices For Three To Six Weeks

In a meeting between protesters from Punta Arenas, the presidential delegate of the Magallanes Region, Jennifer Rojas , and the Minister of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet -who participated remotely-, both parties reached an agreement after the protests registered in the commune Austral due to the sustained rise in fuel prices, which exceeded $ 1,000 pesos per liter.

Among the measures reached, the Government ordered the freezing of gasoline prices for three to six weeks.

“What we did is commit that fuels will not rise until we have a definitive solution in Magallanes, something that manages to equate prices in our region, which are higher due to transportation issues, with the rest of the country,” commented the Presidential delegate.

“We hope that this will be accomplished within a period of between three and six weeks to do something that is completely serious, viable. A joint effort with the leaders that allow precisely what I have just indicated,” he added.

Faced with the rise in fuel prices, a group of protesters blocked Route 9 in Punta Arenas for about 40 hours.

The protesters and the Executive agreed on three measures. The first seeks to avoid increases in service stations through a mechanism to support the transport of fuels from the central zone to the region, according to the aforementioned media. This will be in effect until November 25.

The second, meanwhile, understands that the Government will implement a solution to alleviate the price differences between the Magallanes service stations with the rest of the country.

The third point includes the commitment of the spokespersons for the approval of the agreements and to put down roadblocks and any impediment to the regular operation of the area.

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